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Articles, webinars, events, sample projects,... everything that moves us at the moment and what is happening at our company can be found here. Part of our way of working is to keep our finger on the pulse of time, which is why we regularly deal with the trend topics in project management. The major trends such as project portfolios, agility and digitalization are naturally part of this.

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>> November 2023

On a journey of discovery together under the sign of innovation

At our internal workshop, we discovered fresh perspectives together and developed new innovative ideas in multidisciplinary teams using the creative problem-solving method of design thinking. The focus was on the needs and perspectives of the users.

>> November 2023

Successful project management cooperation between House of PM and FRESENIUS - University of Applied Sciences

"Practical projects with excellent companies are extremely valuable for students."

 "You work as a Project Manager at House of PM. Your client is a fashion brand start-up that has just raised 100 million euros in a financing round from investors. In addition to online measures, the money is to be spent on opening a flagship store in Hamburg as an analog brand experience."

This was the practical project management case of the students of the Fashion and Design Management (B.A.) course at AMD - the design department of Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in the practical project with House of PM.

>> September 2023

House of PM undertakes project management cooperation project with FRESENIUS University of Applied Sciences

"PROJECT MANAGEMENT skills elementary for management career"
Project management skills are not only considered relevant for a management career in the market according to a LinkedIn study.
Fresenius University of Applied Sciences was able to win House of PM, one of the leading project management companies in the market, for a practice-oriented project. 

>> September 2023

Quality that we are proud of:
ISO 9001 certification for House of PM!

Also this year we have received the ISO 9001 certification.

It reflects our orientation towards top quality, efficiency and customer focus. We work continuously to optimize our processes in order to be able to offer our customers and partners - always first-class products and services.

The ISO 9001 certification is the result of the commitment of each member of the House of PM team.

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"Navigating Change: How Change Management Makes Projects Fly."

These exclusive insights are not to be missed.
On September 07, Julia von Bomsdorff (PM Consultant) and Stefan Resch (Senior Project Manager), will talk about project success through effective change management. 
Register here for our webinar: "Navigate Change: How Change Management Makes Projects Fly" for free.

>> 24.08.2023

Successful participation in Mopo relay race: team spirit and speed at House of PM

At yesterday's Mopo relay race, our runners put their speed to the test and then came together for a get-together.

>> 10.08 2023

The Project Management Performance Quick Check is online!

What makes project management successful?
With our Project Management Performance Quick Check you can quickly see in a first step whether your company, your approach, your project management practice meets essential criteria for project success.

>> 09.08.2023

House of PM celebrates its 20th anniversary

In its anniversary year, House of PM remains on course for success and has already successfully implemented over 300 projects in national and international environments in more than 100 companies from over 20 industries.

>> 18.07.2023

Interview with Sibylle Schmidtke

Sibylle Schmidtke has been the new managing director since the beginning of the year and now gives personal insights into her experiences and future plans for House of PM in a short interview.

>> 22.06.2023

Internal training is a basic building block of our corporate culture

Our in-house training on DevOps Foundation focused on the question of how we can exploit our potential with DevOps. But what is DevOps good for?


House of PM: Expansion of the management Sibylle Schmidtke is appointed to the management

House of PM expands its management. Sibylle Schmidtke moves up to the management of House of PM GmbH. She thus forms the new management together with Hauke Thun.


How resilience can be strengthened in project management

In order to be able to manage projects successfully even under high stress, a sound knowledge of "health at work" helps. Together with the Charismaschmiede and Melanie Lange, we have put together an individually tailored training program...


From project manager to project architect

Project management offices (PMO) benefit from project architects.
And project architects also free project managers from having to "reinvent the wheel" for every project. How project architects help companies to be sustainably successful ...


Transformation: House of PM launches new website

„Setting new impulses in changing times!" Under this maxim, House of PM understands the continuous engagement with the dynamic...


How the change to project organization succeeds

When a company changes its structures from a line organization to a project organization, this means a profound...


Synapse training - agility starts in the head!

„Agile working" - for some time now, this seems to be the magic word for a modern and efficient way of working. But what characterizes agile?


Creatively assess stakeholders: Stakeholder analysis with the 6-hats method.

projektmagazin, www.projektmagazin.de, Issue 5/2021: Are you afraid of stakeholders who could endanger your project? With the 6-hats method, you can...


Project manager with marathon qualities - Interview with Business-on.de

Hauke Thun, specialist for project management and founder and managing director of the "House of PM GmbH", talks in the interview series "Hamburger..."


More important than ever: House of PM focuses on continuing education.

As an expert in project management, House of PM has been offering specialized project management services for years in the form of consulting and...

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