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Are you interested in practical tips for your daily work in project management? Then you can gain an insight into our collected knowledge on the subject of project management here.

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Avoid the 5 most common mistakes in project management

How often have you experienced projects not being completed on time or within budget? There are many reasons why projects can fail, but often there are certain project management mistakes that could be avoided. Here are the 5 most common mistakes you should avoid at all costs to make your projects a success.

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Pushing the right digitization projects

Digitization is changing our working world and offers companies numerous opportunities to reposition themselves. But which projects are really relevant and successful? Pushing the right digitization projects can make all the difference. We help you align your strategy against digitization projects to implement the right projects from your portfolio.

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Creative stakeholder assessment Stakeholder analysis with the 6-hats method
Stakeholder analysis with the 6-hats method

projektmagazin, www.projektmagazin.de, Issue 5/2021:

Are you afraid of stakeholders who could endanger your project? With the 6-hats method, you can find out important issues even before communicating with stakeholders and take them into account in the communication strategy. Dr. Sophia Schubert explains how to do this in the project magazine with the help of an example.

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How hybrid project management succeeds

When teams of classically and agilely managed subprojects work together, problems often arise. A project example shows which problems are typical and how they can be solved.

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Article: Project-oriented work - How can we change structures in companies to make the best use of resources?

When a company changes its structures from a line organization to a project organization, this means a profound organizational and also cultural change that is felt in many areas of the company. With these changes come new opportunities and possibilities, but also new responsibilities and requirements. Read the following article to find out how you can meet the corresponding challenges.

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Project evaluation with the value-in-use analysis

Regardless of the type of product or service a company offers, the value creation of a company is based on its service portfolio. In order to successfully adapt this portfolio of products and services to the requirements of the market and align it with the company's strategy, the company has to choose the right projects time and time again, especially against the backdrop of scarce resources. Find out more about value analysis, a method that can be used to prepare and secure such decisions.

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Our recommendations for an efficient meeting culture

Have you had enough of lengthy and inefficient meetings? Then we have a few tips from our project management practice for you!

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Are you ready for more agility in project management?

Are you aware of how agile methods like Scrum can make your company more efficient, flexible and focused? Our experts are all Scrum certified and have extensive experience in the application of agile methods. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of agile working methods, read our expert tip. 

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OKR – Opportunity or Chimera?

Is OKR (Objectives and Key Results) really the answer to our goal setting problems or just another hype? In our experience report, we share our own insights and learnings on the introduction of OKR.